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Complaints Procedure



With the CAAV’s concern for upholding professional standards, we hope that the occasion to make a complaint against a CAAV member will only rarely arise. However, we understand that there may be occasions when this arises.

A complaint concerning the work or behaviour of a CAAV member should generally best be made first to the member’s business, firm or organisation or, if a sole trader, directly to the member using the appropriate complaints handling procedure, details of which should be available in writing from the firm or member, including any further recourse it may offer (such as to an ombudsman or other independent body).

If an issue remains outstanding after that process or the complaint concerns a matter outside its remit, the complaint may then be made to the CAAV as a professional body regulating that member. All complaints must be made in writing and sent to:

The Secretary and Adviser


Harts Barn Farmhouse

Monmouth Road, Longhope

Gloucestershire. GL17 0QD

The CAAV will not act on any complaint that is not made in writing.

That written complaint should:

- be set out clearly so that the complaint can be readily understood

- indicate which part or parts of the CAAV’s Bylaw on Conduct have been breached

- include all available supporting evidence that will help explain and substantiate the complaint.

The Secretary and Adviser, or a nominated person, will acknowledge the written complaint which will be reviewed to establish that is clearly made with necessary evidence. That may involve asking the complainant for clarification or further evidence.

Once satisfied that a valid and supported complaint has been made it, together with all the supporting papers, will be put to the member for a written response. Further correspondence may follow until the complaint and the member’s response are considered to be ready to be laid before the CAAV’s Executive Committee sitting as a Disciplinary Panel under the procedures of CAAV’s disciplinary rules.

If the complaint is upheld, potential penalties run from a reprimand to expulsion from membership. The CAAV cannot order its members to compensate any person or take steps to correct mistakes.