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24 March, 2017

  • BPS 2016: Bridging Payments Update (Members Only) Documents

23 March, 2017

  • BPS 2017: Online System Unavailable From 4 p.m. Today Until 8 a.m. Monday (Members Only) Documents

22 March, 2017

  • HS2 Agent Briefing Note - access to land - updated 22nd March 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Pipeline Claim (Members Only) Discussions
  • BPS 2017: Rural Payments Service - No Measuring Tool (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note: NSIPs and Related Housing Development (Members Only) Documents
  • EFRA Select Committee: Evidence Session - Countryside Stewardship and BPS Performance of RPA (Members Only) Documents

21 March, 2017

  • Professional fees on CPO works (Members Only) Discussions
  • Compound/Licence fee comparables (Members Only) Discussions
  • Battery Storage Facility (Members Only) Discussions

20 March, 2017

  • The Water Environment (Water Framework Directive) (England and Wales) Regulations 2017 (Members Only) Documents
  • Northern Ireland: Landlord Advice Service (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 170320: Purchaser's solicitor liable for fraud of purported vendor (Members Only) Documents
  • CAAV Note 170320: HS2 Phase 2b access licence update (Members Only) Documents

17 March, 2017

  • Data for Catchment Management (Members Only) Documents
  • Water abstraction from non-tidal surface water and groundwater in England (Members Only) Documents
  • Scottish Flood Warning Scheme Development (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS 2017: Land Use Table - Unable to Edit Message (Members Only) Documents
  • BPS/CS 2017: REMINDER - Rural Payments Service Unavailable 4 p.m. 23rd March - 8 a.m. 27th March (Members Only) Documents

16 March, 2017

  • CAAV Note 170316: Money Laundering Regulations - changes for estate agents (Members Only) Documents

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